信而富公司创始人、CEO王征宇在招股书提交以前实益持有3,879,331股普通股,持股比例为9.5%;  在信而富的主要股东中,DLBCRFHoldings,LLC在招股书提交以前实益持有10,427,239股普通股,持股比例为25.5%;私募股权投资公司BroadlineCapitalLLC或其附属机构管理下的基金实益持有6,112,072股普通股,持股比例为14.9%;GaryWang实益持有2,056,275股普通股,持股比例为5.0%。


Many of us work in an endless stream of tasks, browser tasks, social media, emails, meetings, rushing from one thing to another, never pausing and never ending. Then the day is over, and we are exhausted, and we often have very little to show for it. And we start the next . . . 玄幻魔法